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 list of affix and suffix names of monsters

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list of affix and suffix names of monsters Empty
PostSubject: list of affix and suffix names of monsters   list of affix and suffix names of monsters EmptyTue May 22, 2012 8:06 am

got this from's good to know them, so when you meet them, you know what to expect and use the most effective strat/skill/rune/ to deal with them...

I grouped traits based on what type of monster can have it (Champion/Elite/Elites Minions)

- Group with this traits gains a stacking damage output buff when ever
you kill one of its member's, so if you kill them one by one you will
end up with one bad ass mother fucker.

Fire Chains -
Group with this trait will spawn chains of fire connecting its member,
and thous chains will deal periodic fire damage if your standing too
close or running trough them.

Health Link
- Group with this trait will pretty much have a shared health total.
When ever you damage one of them, the damage will get evenly distributed
among all group members.

?Thorns - Cant
really reed this page so I'l go and make an assumption it will work like
some form of a damage return for melee attacks against the monster (not
shure its Champion specific ether, but it looks like it and fits in to
the balance of number of traits between monster types)

Waller - This
trait is going to make sections of impassable walls that will cut of
sections of the map for you preventing escape/kiting/charging. Nasty for
ranged, not so much for melee or if you have mobility spells.

Vortex - This one will let the monster pull you from distance to melee, possibly spelling doom for ranged characters.

- Shared trait for Champions and Elites (not minions), they will spawn
desecrated areas on the ground that will do periodic damage to you if
you stand on it.

Horde (hidden trait) - Elite spawns with three additional minions

Invulnerable Minions
- Minions of this elite will be immune to all forms of damage. Only way
to kill them is to kill their elite (witch in turn gets 50% extra
So many opportunity's to get you fucked up, lots of other traits will work horrificley (for you) in combination with this one.

Missile Dampening
- Elite with this trait exerts an area around it that has a visual
effect of wizards slow time spell and slows all ranged attacks inside
the area by 50%

- Elite with this trait will periodicley make itself and all of its
minions immune to all forms of damage for a short period of time

- Elite with this trait will fear you with basic attacks. (I'm pretty
shure i saw champion packs with this trait in beta, can any one confirm
this?) Depending on how the ability triggers I'm guessing melees are
going to dread certain combinations of traits inclouding this one.

*Desecration - check Champion section above.

Fast - Monsters with this trait will run 50%, attack 20% and cast 10% faster.

Extra Health - This trait gives the monster 150% extra health.

Illusionist -
In my opinion, the most dangerous trait in the game. When ever you
damage the monster with this trait it has a chance to create two clones
of itself, clones have full damage/health/traits of the original monster
except they cant create clones. Clones award no XP or loot.

Knock-back - Just what you thought... :-P
On another note, works only with melee attacks.

Jailer - Each attack from monster with this trait has a 25% to immobilise you for a short period of time.

- Monster with this trait tosses a volley of 3 fiery bombs at you every
4-5 sec's. Meh if you are a built will lots of mobility, a bit trickey
for turret casters.

Teleporter - This trait allows the monster to teleport around the map when you chase them or run away from them.

?Vampiric - Another trait im unable to read right, but im guessing it will work as some sort of health leeching.

-"Enchanted Traits" - All monster with one of thees traits will deal and be resistant to corresponding for of energy.

Arcane Enchanted -
Spawns an orb of arcane energy that will project a beam in a random
direction that will rotate for a few second's. Crossing the beam or the
orb will damage you.

- Every basic attack hit from monster with this trait will impose a
cumulative 50% penalty to movement speed. When killed monster will
explode dealing cold damage divided among all enemy's in the radius.

- Molten monsters will spawn pool's of lava on the ground when they
move, standing in thous pools will damage you. Elite and champion
monsters with this trait explode dealing fire damage when they are

Electrified - Monsters with this trait gain an ability to retaliate with arcs of electricity when ever you hit them.

- Again low quality page, from what i was able to see they have damage
aura doing poison damage when you are too close as well as bursting for
poison damage when you kill them. There is one more ability i was not
able to discern, so help is welcome.
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list of affix and suffix names of monsters
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